New England Base Camp Fall 2015 - Page 4

How Does New England Base Camp Work? New England Base Camp is on its way to becoming the premiere outdoor experience throughout all New England. We offer fifteen different program areas with over 200 different activities every weekend. To get the most out of your day, you need to know a little about how the whole operation works. To help with that, we need to break it down: The overall program, specialty programs, and planning your day. No matter what your interest or your skill level, Base Camp has some unique opportunities for you. Our goal is that everyone has a wicked good day outdoors. As a side benefit, we want you to walk away with some new skills and some amazing stories to share. The “Big Three” at Base Camp are the BB range, archery and rock climbing. Some will spend the entire day just going to those three, but if they did, they would be missing some major highlights. Our Axe Yard is the best one around. Learn how chop wood, split a log, use a two-person saw or just relax while whittling on a stick. Walk across the trail to the outdoor cooking area. Have a try at baking a pumpkin on an open fire or maybe make a blueberry cobbler on an open fire or perhaps you might help out with a clam bake. Don’t go too far, or else you will miss learning some important skills like starting a fire with no matches, picking the right tent or how to build a shelter. All of these activities are designed and our experts are trained to ensure that no matter what your age, you are going to be challenged, have a smile on your face and leave wanting to learn more. Now that you know how a typical Saturday works at Base Camp, let’s explore some special opportunities. We offer some truly unique opportunities! Come with a group and go on our high ropes course. Team work and communication is a necessity when you are crossing the “Jellyfish” forty feet in the air and need the help of your friends to succeed. If the natural rock is more your thing, sign up for one of our rock climbing weekends. We take you off site to have fun on the rock. Our instructors will have several climbs set up for you and your skill level. In the winter, we are the only place in the greater Boston Area that has Ice Climbing. This is the most exhilarating activity. You will have ice boots, crampons and ice axes at your disposal to accomplish your one objective- climb up a sheet of ice. If heights are not your thing, then come for our relaxing guided canoe trip. Our staff will guide you down a coastal river and back. Enjoy a day on the river with your family, by yourself or with a group. Here are a couple of hints to get the most of your day at Base Camp. The “big three” always have lines, but not as long in the morning as in the afternoon. So, you should check out BB gun shooting, archery and climbing as soon as your get into the Outdoor Complex. The Outdoor Cooking area will start the morning making simple items and gradually make more complicated items. If you like what you tried, be sure to ask for the recipe. Fire by friction can be pretty tough to accomplish, but for those who do, we have a special prize for everyone that does. Those who come and stay the night at Base Camp, one of the program areas will open early for you. It is different every week, so be sure to check out the schedule. Plan to get your lunch at Base Camp, that way you do not need to miss valuable time enjoying all that you can do. Here is the best hint of all- burnt orange is your friend. Our staff is trained in all the different areas around camp and they are super friendly. If you have a question, be sure to ask them. If they don’t know, they will find out for you. Most important thing of all, enjoy your time at New England Base Camp. Something new is always happening. #letsPLAYoutside