New England Base Camp Fall 2015 - Page 3

IS THIS OUR CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND? Things are different. There was a time when children would go off on their bicycles and explore and play outdoors. All would be well if you were home by dinner and before the streetlights were on. Even after dinner it would be OK to sneak out and go to a field and look at the stars in the sky with your buddies.   Now, in the 21st century, family life has become different. In most cases both parents have jobs outside the home. Single parent households are common. Youth are more sedentary, and their lives are often ruled by a long list of programmed and scheduled activities. Most kids lack the outdoor experience.   With the advent of computers, video games, and television, children have more and more reasons to stay inside. The average American child spends 44 hours a week indoors with electronic media.   Sociologists have identified a phenomenon called Nature Deficit Disorder. In 2005 author Richard Louv demonstrated that over the last 30 years children are spending increasingly less time outdoors. This results in a wide range of behavioral problems.   Attention disorders and depression have been attributed to lack of connection to the outdoors. Several studies show that kids who don't get nature-time seem more prone to anxiety, depression and attention-deficit problems. Playing outside has tremendous impact on the health and well-being of children.   New England Base Camp is a great way to get kids outside and active. The camp has all the elements, experiences, and facilities that are desperately needed by today’s youth. When your children or young adults spend time at New England Base Camp it will help them learn to live with nature simply by playing in the outdoors.   Let’s Play Outside At