New Construction Products September 2018 - Page 24

NCP NEW PRODUCT NEWS BURNDY® Announces Nest/Indentor Tooling Expansion and Introduces UNISPLICE™ Type YDS-RLNI BURNDY®, a leading manufacturer and provider of compression connector solutions to the industrial, energy, construction, tele- communications, petrochemical, data center, and transportation industries, is proud to announce that the Type YDS-RL UNISPLICE single sleeve full tension splices can now be installed with the reliable 644 Series and recently introduced PAT444S Series family of nest and indentor tools. Dies are no longer needed to achieve full tension performance in overhead utility applications. In addi- tion to the tool expansion, BURNDY is introducing a new line of UNISPLICE connectors, Type YDS-RLNI, that provide markings and knurls specific to the new tool offering. Line workers now have the option of installing full tension over- head splices with their existing tools and die combination or with the choice of the tried and true 644 Series latch head design or the new PAT444S Series C-head design. The nest/indentor tools require fewer crimps to install, which reduces installation time and makes them ideal for storm restoration and every day applications. In addition, the resulting connection still utilizes compression technology, which reduces water ingress that may reduce the life of the connection. Because the existing UNISPLICE line contains markings designed for dies, we have introduced the YDS-RLNI connector line that is designed specifically for the 644 and PAT444S tool platforms to facilitate training new users. The tooling expansion and new connector line now allows line workers to use only one tool with no dies to crimp from #4 ACSR to 556 (18/1) ACSR. • 22 NCP Magazine • September ‘18