New Construction Products September 2018 - Page 12

With Noise Mitigation Show Compliance Be a Good Neighbor WebSLARM The Question is - dB or not dB? Build-in Web Server Standalone or w/PC Text/Email Alerts SM Rolling 3 weeks Logging 24/7 Alarm Scheduler Ethernet, USB RS232 Secure Remote Access SLARMsoft included The Answer Try It The SLARMsolution SM User: SLARM Pw: admin Community/Industrial Noise Monitor and Alarm Indoors or Out SLARMulti™ Area Monitoring SLARMsuccesses Construction Industrial Johns Hopkins Hospital Floor Remodel Boatyards-Ferry and Tug construction Apple’s New Headquarters Construction Hospital Medivac Helicopter Monitoring Airport Jet Run Up Monitoring Remote Alarm Monitoring-Dams ODM Entertainment Red Rocks- Colorado ATT Performing Arts-Dalas Ocean Speedway -Watsonville,CA ACO Pacific, Inc. Tel:1-650-595-8588 On YouTube Search: SLARMsolution The all new T14-54/617 is the Tier 4-compliant Trencor Mechanical Trencher. Packed with plenty of power for the toughest rock, the new T14-54/617 runs so cleanly there is no regen cycle needed. Trencor is known for being the longest lasting, toughest, under- ground equipment in the indus- try all backed by 24/7, worldwide, service and support. PinPoint ® Telematics comes standard, log- ging and transmitting real-time data to optimize operations and reduce downtime due to missed maintenance. © 2018 American Augers, Inc. 10 NCP Magazine • September ‘18 T14-54/617