New Construction Products November/December 2015 - Page 10

Mobile Barriers MBT-1, the Perfect Tool Called the “perfect tool” for various types of road, bridge and tunnel work, the award winning Mobile Barriers MBT-1 is receiving increasing accolades for improving worker safety and efficiency, while also helping to improve the safety and mobility of passing traffic in and around temporary work zones. With 5-foot-high walls and integrated power, lighting, signage and TMA, the barrier can be driven to site with no special setup. The barrier’s storage areas and surface decks can be used to carry tools, equipment, materials and supplies to and from the jobsite. 30-foot cranes and scissor lifts are two of the newer options which can be added to assist crews. The MBT-1 has proven particularly efficient for various types of work where protection has not traditionally been practical and where setup/breakdown has sometimes taken longer than the work itself. In some instances, crews are doing in one night what had otherwise taken three to five. In the DC area, crews have cut the time for certain types of ongoing work by 66 percent, with better response times and productivity. In Colorado, crews have replaced 42 sticks of guardrail in the time it normally takes to do six to eight (one night). On Staten Island, they replaced bridge rail in half the anticipated time. In each case, the barrier is simply driven to site, and from site to site, as needed. These and other projects such as chip seal, pothole repairs, slab replacement, ITS installations and maintenance, as well as bridge and tunnel work (bridge joint, bridge deck, tunnel maintenance and repairs), often involve discrete work areas and multiple locations in a given day or night. For such work, the barrier is particularly useful … and what has been called “cheap insurance.” The barrier has stopped a direct rear impact without damage (only the TMA needed be replaced). On two occasions, the MBT-1 has turned and safely redirected semi-trucks with only nominal damage. • 8 New Construction Products • Nov/Dec 2015