New Construction Products May 2017 - Page 23

ward compatible,” so all the tools and attachments used for the Brokk 400 can also be used on the new Brokk 500.   The Brokk 500 comes with Brokk’s new intelligent electrical system, Brokk SmartPower, which is a key part in creating the machine’s per- formance improvement. It maximiz- es the power output of the machine at any given time based on both en- vironmental and operating factors.   The Brokk SmartPower system is uniquely designed for the extremely tough operating environments of a demolition robot. Its components are either designed by or modified the covers of the machine. Replacing any damaged hydraulic hoses is now on a poor power supply while at the same time it protects the Brokk Add other items, such as the strengthened new Brokk machine design, the reinforced casted details, by Brokk to withstand the demoli- tion forces over time. In addition, it helps the operator start the machine machine from any harmful faulty power.   The Brokk 500 incorporates the industry-leading reliability and ser- viceability that Brokk has become known for over the years. New on this machine is that operators can complete all daily and weekly maintenance without having to lift simpler than ever.   and the new headlight protections, and the result is a machine truly hardened for the tough Brokk envi- ronment.   The Brokk 500 will be available beginning May 2017. •