New Construction Products August 2017 - Page 21

The leading jobsite lighting provider in the industry, Milwaukee Tool, continues to expand their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of the new M18™ RADI- US™ Site Light/Charger with ONE-KEY™*. Setting a new standard for cordless jobsite lighting, the Site Light is capable of running off one or two battery packs to deliver 9,000 lumens of high output light for full 360° workspace coverage – making it the brightest cordless light available in the industry today. “By utilizing our advanced LEDs, optics, and lithium-ion technologies, we are able to develop a solution for profes- sionals on jobsites that have historically required higher output lighting. Traditionally, this category of lighting has been dominated by products that aren’t designed for lon- gevity on the jobsite,” said Jason Isaacs, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “On a single charge, the new M18™ RADIUS™ Site Light/Charger with ONE-KEY™ can light the site for up to 14 hours. In addition, it’s designed with a high-impact polycarbonate lens and ingress protect- ed for long life in jobsite environments. With this huge advance in output, capacity, and durability, professionals can shift their view of jobsite lighting from a simple com- modity to a long-lasting investment.” Equipped with an integrated two-bay sequential charger, the RADIUS™ Site Light/Charger with ONE-KEY™ cre- ates more space on the jobsite to improve productivity. Additionally, a plug-in and daisy-chain capability allows users to connect up to eight lights off of a single circuit. A unique, stackable design makes the Site Light/Charger easy to transport and store in all work environments. Through ONE-KEY™, users will be able to customize, track, and manage their new Site Light/Charger and use their phone to control the light. With the ability to com- pletely control its operation from their phone, us- ers simply set the light and won’t need to access it again until moving it to the next job. From a 100ft range, users can take advantage of three different fully customizable adjustments: • • • • • • Optimize Brightness Optimize the light to provide the right output for the job at hand, and check the remaining battery charge to adjust for conserved runtime. Adjust Light Direction For the most complete control over light positioning, adjust the light’s direction, front or back, 180 degrees through the app. Program Automatic Schedules For increased productivity, the Site Light has an AC/ DC input and output. When the light is running on AC power, set it to run for a specific amount of time