New Construction Products April 2018 - Page 8

EasyLoad Hoist from National Fleet Products Features Double-Axis Positioning, a 45.5-Inch Boom and Lifts Up to 1,100 Pounds National Fleet Products’ EasyLoad Hoist stores inside vehicles at ceiling height, extending 3.79 feet and gliding up to 8 feet laterally, to put up to1,100 pounds of lifting and lowering capacity precisely where it’s needed. National Fleet Products,  a leading North American supplier of cargo lifting equipment, loading ramps and other aftermarket accessories for commercial vehicles, announced the unveiling of its new MAD EasyLoad Hoist. The quiet, powerful, easy-to- install 12-volt electric hoist is now in stock, and will be on display in booth 409 at the 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind. 6 The MAD EasyLoad Hoist is the in- telligent alternative to post-mounted cranes. The EasyLoad remains inside the vehicle, away from the elements, and can be stowed above shelving on either side of the vehicle or in the center of the cargo hold until needed. NCP Magazine • April ‘18 Its boom is easily positioned for the task at hand because it can move on two axes, sliding laterally up to 8 feet, depending on the vehicle, and extend- ing up to 45.5 inches in length. “The dual-axis MAD EasyLoad Hoist makes it easy for operators to lift and lower cargo with pinpoint accuracy because they don’t have to worry about positioning the vehicle in exact rela- tionship to a target,” Steven Peterson, president of National Fleet Products, said. “The EasyLoad allows operators to navigate cargo through manholes and to position the winch for optimal load securement, even when the host vehicle isn’t perfectly oriented.” A robust 12-volt, 100-amp electric motor drives the boom and winch action, lifting maximum loads at up to 2 inches per second, at lengths of up to 65 feet. Handheld controls are easy to understand and operate even with one hand, and an 8-foot cable enables operators to position themselves safely in relationship to cargo as the Easy- Load moves. Unlike most winches, the EasyLoad operates quietly, allowing verbal communication to continue even during its operation. The MAD EasyLoad Hoist is simple to install, and only takes about four hours to do so. A low-profile tubular steel structure is easily configured to fit virtually any commercial van,