New Construction Products April 2018 - Page 28

the Towable unit has an 11-horsepower Honda engine, resulting in as much as 22 percent more power than com- petitive drills. The hydraulic systems generate pressures ranging from 2,500 to 2,700 psi and operating speeds of 150 rpm. This allows the drills to power through tough soil without requiring additional operator effort. Also, the drills’ three-position handles move to ensure the units’ weight remains balanced over the wheels, keeping the drill stable and easy to control.  The drills’ balanced, torque-free design enhances operator safety and convenience as do specially engineered compo- nents. The integrated forward and reverse auger rotation protects the user if the auger gets caught under a rock or root. Further, a pressure relief valve stops the auger to protect the operator from potential injury. Little Beaver’s Towable and UN-Towable drills also feature an infinitely variable 20-degree auger tilt, making it possible to safely drill vertically in uneven terrain. The UN-Towable drill has a standard stationary handle and the Towable drill features a three-position handle that rotates 180-degrees, allowing an operator to drill near buildings, walls and other structures.   Both drills are easily transportable on and off the jobsite. Little Beaver equips the units with an auger lock and 16-inch semi-pneumatic tires for easy mobility with minimal effort from the operator. The drills pivot into digging position with- out causing damage to delicate lawns and turf. This saves a significant amount of time that would normally be needed for damage cleanup and restoring the area back to its normal state. The 34-inch width allows the drills to fit easily through tight spaces, such as gates, to enter drilling locations that are inaccessible to skid steers and tractors. With Noise Mitigation Show Compliance Be a Good Neighbor WebSLARM The Question is - dB or not dB? Build-in Web Server Standalone or w/PC Text/Email Alerts SM Rolling 3 weeks Logging 24/7 Alarm Scheduler Ethernet, USB RS232 Secure Remote Access SLARMsoft included The Answer Try It The SLARMsolution SM User: SLARM Pw: admin Community/Industrial Noise Monitor and Alarm Indoors or Out SLARMulti™ Area Monitoring Construction SLARMsuccesses Industrial Johns Hopkins Hospital Floor Remodel Boatyards-Ferry and Tug construction Apple’s New Headquarters Construction Hospital Medivac Helicopter Monitoring Airport Jet Run Up Monitoring Remote Alarm Monitoring-Dams ACO Pacific, Inc. ODM Entertainment Red Rocks- Colorado ATT Performing Arts-Dalas Ocean Speedway -Watsonville,CA Tel:1-650-595-8588 On YouTube Search: SLARMsolution 26 NCP Magazine • April ‘18