New Construction Products April 2018 - Page 22

Tools aren’t the only items subject to construction jobsite theft. Materials used in the installation of various systems are also at risk. For example, copper products used in plumbing and electrical systems are tempting targets for theft. Other metals such as brass and aluminum are often stolen and sold for instant cash as well. How to prevent tool theft There are several methods contractors and site owners use to help deter tool and equipment theft. Some of these are fencing, signage, site lighting and video monitoring. In some cases, security guards patrol the area. However, there are inherent problems with these measures. While they seem proactive, the contractor is relying on a third-party solution to deter theft. If thieves want to steal tools and equipment, they will find a way to thwart these safeguards. In fact, according to a report by Great American Insurance Group, thieves have studied construction industry practices 20 NCP Magazine • April ‘18 and know when to strike. An estimated 90% of thefts take place between 6 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday. Mea- sures must be taken to prevent these weekend thefts, when construction job sites are often unattended. The best way to do that is using sturdy, job site tool boxes and cabinets. Job boxes are the construction site equiv- alent to a bank vault. During work hours, they keep the tools organized and accessible. After hours, they secure the contractor’s tools and supplies. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, jobsite storage boxes can be left onsite for extended periods of time. What to look for in a jobsite box Careful consideration must be given to purchasing a jobsite tool box. Low quality, less expensive versions can be pur- chased from home improvement outlets and some discount stores. However, these are not adequate. For a professional contractor, they prove to be anything but economical. According to Matt Jones, heavy-gauge sheet steel and rein- forcements are a must for box floors and sides. LEC Products is a fabrication company, specializing in job site boxes and cabinets. They use 14- and 16-guage sheet metal for walls, doors, lids, and shelving.