New Construction Products April 2018 - Page 10

service vehicle or box truck. The design transfers the load to the floor, and the four-legged configuration maintains structural integrity by attaching to the rear doorframe and interior structural members with just four brackets. Cast iron mounting feet secure the frame- work to the deck. The system is easy to wire, and a simple door switch pre- vents the hoist from operating when the vehicle is closed. “The MAD EasyLoad Hoist is a smart new solution to an old problem,” Pe- terson said. “It’s truly a game changer in comparison to post-mounted cranes and other traditional lifting technology.” Unlike post-mounted cranes that can lose lifting capacity when fully extend- ed, the MAD EasyLoad Hoist provides full-length boom travel with no loss of capacity. With its 45.5-inch boom ex- tension combined with a 1,100-pound lifting capability, it also outper- forms the majority of vehicle-based post-mounted cranes. The EasyLoad not only offers bet- ter lifting characteristics, but it has superior loading capabilities as well. Unlike swiveling cranes that do well to simply position a load at the threshold of a cargo hold, the EasyLoad can take the load well into the cargo space, forward of the vehicle’s rear axle, depositing it with its unique dual-axis precision. The 1,100-pound capacity, heavy-du- ty EasyLoad Hoist weighs 330 pounds, minus its steel framework, which varies according to the vehicle it serves. Its boom is 90 inches in length when fully retracted, and its winch uses a three-sixteenth-inch steel cable. The light-duty EasyLoad Hoist can lift up to 550 pounds and weighs only 220 pounds, minus its steel framework. Its boom is just 75 inches in length when fully retract- ed, and it uses a .19-inch steel cable. Both systems are easy to maintain, requiring just one annual service in- terval and periodic cable inspections. Parties interested in scheduling a demonstration of the MAD EasyLoad Hoist may contact National Fleet Products directly by calling (763) 762-3451 or by sending an email to The EasyLoad Hoist is in stock now and available in the United States and Canada through the company’s exten- sive distribution network of conve- nient distribution locations. Please contact National Fleet Products to locate a distributor near you. • 8 NCP Magazine • April ‘18