New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 64

Awakening, Coaches & Counselors, Healers & Therapists OSO (Om Sweet Om) Sisters Jennifer Ream and Christine Landaal (aka the OSO Sister’s) are sisters, best friends, long-time business partners, who have set out on a mission to spread the message of love; love for all, including ourselves! They are the founders of the company, Om Sweet Om, designers of the OSO organic meditation cushions, Mindful Body Healing Health Coaches, and the creators of the holistic lifestyle transformation programs “Nourish” and “Designing A Life You Love”. Their mission is to support and empower women to reconnect with their truth and the divine that resides within each of us. Teaching women to nourish their bodies, on a level that encompasses the whole being, mind, body, and spirit. In turn, they will THEN create ripple effects of loving energy to share with their families and communities. A beautiful and powerful thing! Visit for more information. Awakening, Cosmic Connectors, Intuitive Messengers Pearl Pierce Pearl Pierce is a seasoned Shamanic Practitioner who works with anyone wanting to know what’s holding them back from expressing their heart, passion, and zest for life. She works with people who are ready to redefine, reignite, and relish the life they were meant to live. If you have noticed that the beliefs you had as a child, the opinions of others, and ways you’ve looked at yourself until now hold you back from expressing your true self, Pearl will help you clear out what doesn’t belong - whether it is an individual, home, business, or land - and restore what does. Do you remember a time when you felt strong, fearless, whole, and you lived in the moment? Would you like to reconnect the parts of yourself that convey your unique gifts, originality, and natural contentment? Pearl offers in person and long distance sessions by phone or Skype. Visit or call 503-319-0618. Healers & Therapists, Health, Writers & Researchers Ronelle Wood – Ojai Healing Movement Sanctuary We are the first in the world to offer Myofascial Release and TrueBody Alignment training.  Our solutions are simple, inexpensive and produce long-term results.  This cutting edge approach is based on the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach and the newest breakthroughs in addressing fascial restriction as well as the physics and science of alignment. It is the only facility where you receive body work to interrupt painful holding patterns and the necessary training that teaches you how to stay out of those holding patterns by changing your habits of movement. Visit us online to gain access to the newest instructional videos for correcting common alignment mistakes that lead to the following problems: Hip Replacement; Knee Replacement; Back Pain; Pelvic Floor Disorder; Foot Pain; Shoulder Injury and Pain; Headaches; Sciatica. Visit or call 805-640-9111 64 | New Consciousness Review