New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 61

Healers & Therapists, Health, Inspiration David Lewis is a shamanic practitioner, chef, teacher, designer, artist, and writer based in Beaverton, Oregon.  In his work At The Healing Table he combines core shamanism, 21st-Century energy medicines, Mystery School teachings, Faerie Doctoring, sound healing, Holy Fire Usui Reiki, food production techniques, design process, technical and creative writing, and pedagogy to guide individuals, businesses and groups toward: • New states of well-being, vitality, self-awareness, and wholeness; • Deep, complete, ever-creating nourishment; • Divine Self awareness; • Full and complete soul expression and soul embodiment. Visit or call 503-708-2078 Inspiration, Resources, Writers & Artists Empowered Whole Being Press is a boutique publisher specializing in supporting author’s self-publishing of quality written works that Inspire, Enlighten, and Transform its readers. We are excited to be involved in the transformation community, and are dedicated to supporting new authors who have an enlightening, compelling, inspiring message to share; be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, YA, or books for our children. Established to fill a publishing house need for spiritually transforming books that offers more than the standard self-publishing services, we also provide marketing support and guidance packages to insure our author’s success.  Our Intention We are dedicated to encouraging creativity, inner exploration, and the expansion of spiritual evolution through written works by providing support, guidance, publishing, and marketing services to spiritually-focused consciousness expanding authors.  We are here to serve you! Together WE create the Shift! Awakening, Coaches & Counselors, Inspiration Fran Fisher Master Certified Coach Fran Fisher’s passion is empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to realize their highest visions. She believes that profound and long-lasting success, satisfaction, and fulfillment result from being true to the essence of who you are. Fran helps leaders access and leverage their innate nature so they break through to new levels of productivity, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. Fran founded the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first schools accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is recognized internationally as a pioneer of the coaching profession. Fran is the creator of Living Your Vision®, a transformational process for learning to live in greater alignment with who you are at your essence, your true self. Fran works with entrepreneurs, executives, and collaborative work teams, as well as providing coaching skills training for leaders, managers, and professional coaches. To contact Fran, call 425-401-1374 or email or visit www.franfishercoach. com. 61 | New Consciousness Review