New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 58

PURPOSE The solar eclipse is on February 26th in Pisces. This special new moon helps you go beyond the veils of this world to bring forth a fresh higher vision and intuitive insight for your incoming projects. There are numerous planets and asteroids in Pisces now. Make certain you see the world as it is, because it would be very easy to fall into fantasy thinking. While this is excellent for creative activities, it can also see only what it wants to see in relationships and business dealings. Hold the higher vision, but keep your feet on earth! Although you feel slightly beat up going through the process, the end result is a better you. If you had difficulty starting your New Year’s diet and exercise program, take heart by knowing athletic Mars moves through Aries, January 26 through March 9th. Aries likes to move, be it through exercise, dance, yoga, martial arts or whatever you do to get your blood circulation. FEBRUARY: Overall, this is a great three-month period with only minor challenges. You have the opportunity to release and forgive the past, and do the initial visioning of that which is ready to come into your life next. That seems perfect for the transition into a new year! Peeking ahead: Relationship planet Venus turns retrograde in March, and that doesn’t happen very often. Your relationships and finances are going to shift. Check out the next issue for details. February is the most interesting month for this quarterly report. Valentine’s Day is sandwiched between two eclipses. The lunar eclipse in Leo and Aquarius is on February 10th. Full moons tend to pull you apart emotionally, and lunar eclipses amplify the effect. This Leo moon eclipse urges you to look at where your heart is engaged vs. where you are living life in a detached, go-through-the-motions manner. The opportunity is to participate in life in a way that your heart is engaged, yet not get sucked into the drama around you. If you are just going through the motions in life, then this eclipse will push you to make changes, or go into depression (not recommended!) To get a hint about how this eclipse is working, watch people born from 1951-1955 as death & rebirth Pluto in Leo gets activated in their charts. It also activates the charts of anyone born within a week of January 15th and July 15th. The moon is in Libra for Valentine’s Day. That’s perfect since Libra represents relationships, romance, grace, beauty and luxury. Libra likes nice restaurants, art and jewelry. This is not the zodiac sign to be frugal. It is an enthusiastic day for couples because the life-giving Sun is in harmony with warm and generous Jupiter. It’s best to take advantage of this energy before the evening gets late as emotions wear thin the later it gets. Activities that take place between two eclipses are significant. Be focused and clear, saying what you mean and meaning what you say- no fantasy wishful thinking or false promises. 58 | New Consciousness Review Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations internationally since 1980. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in ACG Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology. Check out or contact him at Land Line (503) 252-1558