New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 56

PURPOSE IN THE STARS Astrological Forecast December 2016 to February 2017 by Mark Dodich P DECEMBER: lanet Earth had a difficult year in 2016, so you will be happy to hear that December gives you needed relief. Ambitious Mars is traveling through idealistic Aquarius until December 19th. At mostly the same time, December 8th through January 3rd, relationship planet Venus is also traveling through Aquarius. This highly friendly combination helps you to socialize during the holiday parties. Aquarius is the kind of energy that shares with people on a first name basis, but keeps it light 56 | New Consciousness Review and friendly. Reconnect with old friends, meet new people, and try out new organizations to complete your year. The only bump in the road is the communications breakdown cycle known as Mercury Retrograde, December 19-January 8. Although this can be a challenging cycle for holiday travel and rigid schedules, the illusion of Mercury moving backwards in the sky helps you retreat for needed mental relief. Occurring mostly in restructuring Capricorn and the final degrees of optimistic Sagittarius, you can pull back from the world to cre-