New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 51

PURPOSE REVIEW Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy T he New York Times best-selling author of E-Squared now offers a 30-day trial in “ferocious, militant, in-your-face gratitude” that will build your abundance portfolio of love, creativity, and joy. By turning off the negative voice in your head and looking for blessings, Grout says the universe opens a portal to the field of infinite possibilities. Focusing on all that’s going right in your life makes good things visible, magnifies them, and sends positive ripples into the world. So how do you do that? By occupying the negative voice with the 27 “party games” Grout developed, so the positive voice can get through. In Thank & Grow Rich, you’ll learn how to build your alchemic, spiritual, creative, adventure, and social capital. In 30 days, you’ll identify good things in your life, tap into a higher power, move toward that which brings you joy, turn every day into an adventure, and share your luck. But that’s not all. Grout guarantees that if you get on the gratitude frequency, you’ll receive four personalized gifts from the universe. At the very least, you’ll feel a whole lot better. Not a bad deal for the price of a book. (Hay House, 2016)  Reviewed by Diane Holcomb, East West Bookshop 51 | New Consciousness Review