New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 5

FROM THE EDITOR Collaboration and Community – ideas whose time has come! I n the strategic planning meetings for HAPIguide, we had many discussions about what we would like to present to our audience, what benefits we could provide to them, and what type of information we would share. We talked about our values and what mark we would each like to have our work leave in the world. In looking at what brought us to this collaboration, we reviewed what each of our magazines had provided. New Connexion’s articles spanned many years and many topics, from psychic readings to recipes, and we promoted upcoming events and resources. New Consciousness Review focused primarily on literary reviews and author interviews. How could we best combine our strengths in a new platform that would offer our audience a valuable and necessary resource? With the new options provided by technology and the demand for cross-platform access, we knew we needed to create a cutting-edge, multi-platform promotional tool that provides visitors with valuable content in different formats: articles, events, a directory, audio, video, coupons, a resource guide, and soon a mobile app. But what can make HAPIguide even more valuable in its helpfulness are the reviews that visitors will find – and leave! – when they come to our website, so please help us by leaving yours! We all understand the value of building a tribe, a community that resonates with our messages and that wants more because they find connection and growth. That’s what we are striving to create with HAPIguide… a community of providers who share information, products, and services in the areas of Health, Awakening, Purpose, and Inspiration in a place visitors can return to time and again to connect. Deep divisions and polarizations in our societies are painfully clear, but it is now up to all light workers to step into their power and guide the world away from the precipice of violence and despair. It is time to use higher vibration methods, spirituality, and conscious-living to help us all shift to a better place. It is our hope that the spirit of collaboration through which HAPIguide was born will flourish in our community and contribute to the greater conscious awakening. Visit to see how you can become a provider member. If you are looking for more information about our providers, visit www.HAPIguide. com. In either case, we hope you benefit from HAPIguide; that your world expands and your life improves with every article you read, event you attend, and connection you make. MJ Schwader Blessings! MJ Schwader Miriam Knight 5 | New Consciousness Review Miriam Knight Editor & Publisher