New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 32

HEALTH procuring extremely large mammals. When I say extremely large we’re talking megafauna: woolly mammoths, mastodons, giant aurochs, Irish elk, wooly rhino’s, and all these other huge animals that all sort of cataclysmically disappeared at the end of the last ice age, but which had a huge complement of body fat we coveted. Miriam: Given our current agricultural system, how do we adapt our diets to the best kind of nutrition for ourselves? Nora: Here’s the deal, this is actually the second part of your previous question regarding “if we eat a fat-based diet will we lose weight” and that kind of a thing. You need to understand that most of the studies that have attempted to demonstrate the deleterious effects of fats and saturated fats on human health have always been within the context of high carbohydrate diets. The problem is you can’t have it both ways - you can’t have a high carbohydrate diet and also add a lot of fats to that. The combination is like a metabolic time bomb. Sugar is like a lit fuse and fat is the powder keg. And fats are not the culprits to blame. We actually have a biological NEED and fundamental dietary requirement for fat. We have no such established human d хɕեɕЁȁɉɅє䁙ɴ) ՝ȁɝ̀ձɕ͔ͼɅєЁɕɅ́卅ѥ((ȁ9܁ ͍͹́I٥()9ܰݔ܁ѡЁѡյ䁹Ʌ)ɽՍ́хչЁɕɅ́ѡЁ)́Ѽɑȁȁххչѥ́Ѽ)ȸMɱ䰁ѡɔ́ͽѡ嵅ѥ䁍ɽ卅ѥѡЁ́ͼͅ䁙)ххɽ̸͕Qӊéٕ䁑ɕ)ɽչɥɕɅѥ٥䁅́ɕձЁ)ѽ᥌ɕ̰ȁչɥ卅ѥ́ɕձ)՝ȁхɍЁѡЁͽѕ䁑)͡܁ѕɥ́Ѡ́ɕɕ)́Ը)AЁݡЁɕѥѕ́䁅ɽɽ)ѡȁձȃqЁЁѼɸӊtѽ́Ёѡɔ́ѡЁՅ䁥͕́ѥѼѡ)Յѥ$ͼхѡɕͥمͥٔѽչٕ)ՍѼչЀɕͥЁѥ͔)ɕ͕ɍȁݡЁѡȁɽ́Ѽѡ́ͥ䁑eи)5ɥ$Օ́ѡӊéѡѽɕ丁])́ͼհȁ́ѡЁԁȁݡ)չɕ́ѼٔхѥѼ)ݥэѼѡ́и)9Ʉe̸]ɕ٥́Aɥ )Aɥ5́ѕɹѥ͕Ȱѡѡ́ѡЁ݅䁄)ݥѠѡЁ݅́ѡЁɕ݅ѕ)ѡ݅ѕɕ̸$eЁͅȴ((0