New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 26

HEALTH What to Add In Probiotics Probiotics provide the beneficial, or commensal, bacteria that keep our immunity in check, make certain vitamins, regulate our metabolism, and assist in gene expression and digestion. Omega-3 Fats Omega-3 fats fight inflammation – including the inflammation that could exist in your gut. Great sources include wild fish (e.g. wild-caught salmon, sardines, krill or cod liver oil), flax seed and algae or algal oil. Protein/essential amino acids Depending on your diet, this may not necessarily need to be “added”, but you do need to be sure it exists. Protein provides the essential building blocks for tissue growth and repair, enzymes and detoxification. Consuming animal sources ensures you will be getting all essential amino acids (plus required neurotransmitters for cognitive function). Supplementation Specific recommendations and dosages should be determined with a qualified practitioner and individualized to your needs, but some supplements you may encounter to help repair the integrity of your gut include:  Glutamine (never to be used for those with autism), zinc, marshmallow root, slippery elm (high in polysaccharides so not for anyone following a Specific Carbohydrate Diet)  Anti-inflammatories: boswellia, quercetin, aloe vera juice, turmeric  Antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, E, selenium  Digestive aids (digestive enzymes, HCl or apple cider vinegar). This is a lot of information, but don’t let it cause overwhelm. Take a minute to marinate on all of it, and ask yourself a few questions. What would your life look like without the pain or fatigue from a chronic health condition? The life-disrupting digestive issues? The uncomfortable skin conditions? What would it be worth to not have to deal with these and just get back to living? 26 | New Consciousness Review Would making a few diet changes be worth it? Even if you aren’t up for doing it all in one fell swoop, could you make one change now? No matter where things stand for you today, know that little steps can add up to big impact in your health… and your life.