New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 20

HEALTH ARTICLE Preserving Cognitive Health Can You Prevent or Halt the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease? By Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. Marsha Nunley An estimated 5.2 million Americans over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s disease, a number that may nearly triple in the next thirty years as the population of older Americans continues to grow dramatically. Growing older is the greatest known risk factor for Alzheimer’s; the disease currently affects 1 in 9 Americans over the age of 65 and 1 in 3 over the age of 85.  “T he prevalence of Alzheimer’s is startling and frightening for older Americans and their families,” says functional medicine specialist Dr. Marsha Nunley, founder of H.E.A.L. Medical. “As a society and as in- 20 | New Consciousness Review dividuals, we are more health-conscious than ever before and yet the threat of Alzheimer’s looms over our ‘golden years’. As researchers continue to pursue treatment and prevention solutions, we want to do everything we can ourselves to ward off the disease and maintain our physical and cognitive vitality as we age.”