New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 16

HEALTH that allows a temporary dilation of those arterial walls.   You will get blood to the muscles that are innervated.  It strengthens the heart, but there is a negative by-product, which is the free-radical chemical process.  So with that stress-hormone you have a negative chemical response that comes with it – and the heart is still having to PUSH blood into a tight and restricted system. A much more effective and efficient way to lower blood pressure without wearing out your heart pump . . . is to increase the area into which the blood is allowed to flow.  PULLING blood into new areas.   Waking up the muscles that have gone to sleep.   Reactivating motor skills.   New and novel movement every day.   Stretching.   Myofascial release. Dividing your exercise into several segments is better for your body.  Two to four fifteen minute segments is better than one 30-60 minute session.  If you knew you had to have a certain caloric intake everyday, do you think it would be best to try and consume it all at once or spread it out to sustain you throughout the day?   Same idea.   Giving our bodies regular intervals of “letting go” and expanding helps all our systems to get used to and maintain balance. Treadmill vs. Walking To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction; or, the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts. – Newton’s Third Law of Motion, translated from the Principia’s Lati 16 | New Consciousness Review In order to walk forward, we have to push off the ground and generate force behind us.   For this purpose, our feet are the lever ]\ٙBܛ[[\]X[ ]K[\[˜[[\\HH\H]\\][\]BܘHZ[\˂HXYZ[[[Z[]\[\YY[\]BܘHZ[[KHXYZ[ܙX]\[8'\[8'B[[^\Y[K0]\]H]XYX\ŠY H]\\\H܋0H[XYHݙ\\H\›]\Hܛ\\H\[وX\[\]Y[[][\[\وܘ]]H]Yܝ\ݙ\\\ˈ0\[[[[[Z[]\H[[\ܝ[\Hو[[ HQSRHH0Y[Bۛ]]\HX][ۈ[\]Y[[B