New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 15

HEALTH But the good news is, bone will reabsorb.  We know that because astronauts return from zero gravity (no bone impact conditions) with diminished bone density.  They are put on weight bearing exercise to regenerate the bone lost while in space.  Shift your feet straight and get your weight back in your heels and those bunions will diminish! ing that instead of burning fat. There are body builders that every day create microtears in their muscle tissue that has to be repaired quickly, causing overgrowth of fascia and restrictive scarring.   They can’t lift their arms over their head anymore.   Over-development of one muscular group does not help the whole body, it taxes it.  So, before expensive and painful surgery, come in and learn some simple adjustments to the way you walk.  Imitating your parent’s gait pattern produced bunions.  Learn to imitate proper body mechanics and save yourself a lot of time, money and pain!  We need enough muscular strength to stand on one leg for 60 seconds.   We need enough upper body strength to lift ourselves off the ground.   We need enough lung capacity to blow out 20 candles at once.   We need the motor skill to be able to lift the big toe by itself.   We need to walk with proper alignment an hour a day in 15 minute segments. Fitness vs. Wellness This could also be called Outside vs. Inside or Subjective vs. Objective. “I want to have arms like Jennifer Aniston.”  vs. “I want to live an active, healthy pain-free life. We are bombarded with commercials that promote “rock hard abs” and “buns of steel,” or promises to “look better than you have in 10 years”.   The models they use are images of physical perfection.   They even show before and after pictures of how these people look from the outside. They don’t show the results of their blood panel, their hormone levels, their X-rays and MRI’s and they don’t talk about how their joints feel when they get out of bed in the morning.   Their workouts don’t protect you from high blood pressure, asthma, osteoporosis, pelvic floor disorders, plantar fasciitis, bunions, joint degeneration, heart disease, diabetes, and fibromyalgia. A body mechanics instructor once had the privilege of sitting next to one of the “Biggest Losers” from TV’s reality show on a plane ride.   The participant from Texas talked about stress fractures, torn ligaments and nearly crippling pain, as well as the eventual return of all the weight she had lost.   Having been put through the same kind of “boot camp” training football players endure, her body was more damaged than when she started.  So much of our protein and energy has to be devoted to repairing the damage we do following vigorous workouts, that we don’t have the reserves left to nourish us and keep us vital and healthy. So much lactic acid is generated from muscular overuse, that our liver is tied up filter- 15 | New Consciousness Review That is where wellness can be measured objectively.   Begin there and work towards feeling good.   When you feel good on the inside and all your systems are working with you toward health, it will shine out from the inside and you will look better than you have in 10 years! Heavy Cardio Workouts According to the Surgeon General, exercise should be done 3-5 times/week for 30 min/day at an elevated heart rate. Your heart and blood vessels know how to respond to regular rhythmic motion.  Your connective tissue/ fascial system will automatically “wrap” you tighter to conserve muscular activity.  If you don’t innervate muscles your brain isn’t talking to those muscles.   Your fascial system clamps down and holds everything very tightly. That passive kind of constant static pressure is not the pressure that your heart and blood vessels know how to respond to. With all this static pressure, you reduce the size of the “container” for your blood.  But you still have the same volume of blood.  Your heart still has to pump the same amount of blood through a reduced area.   This causes your blood pressure to go up. So, you are told that you have to strengthen your heart if you have high blood pressure.  A vigorous cardio workout induces a stress response