New Consciousness Review Winter 2016 - Page 13

Two Books that will Blow Your Mind NIKOLA TESLA channeled by Francesca Thoman Volume One: Tesla provides his afterlife perspective of Time and enfolded dimensions, unifying physics and metaphysics through human consciousness. • “The human body is a psychic phenomenon.” • “Any such ‘physical’ theory that does not take into account the “psychic” is not fully based on reality.” • “Electromagnetic, magnetic, auric and gravity fields are all fields of consciousness.” From Volume Two: Tesla elaborates on enfolded dimensions and the Torsion Fields of Para-sound and Para-light, as well as his “correspondence” with a medical doctor regarding the subtler aspects of DNA, stem cells and healing. • “When properly focused and coherent, belief can change the coding and nature of any thing or process.” • “From the point of view of the higher dimensions, the electron’s flicker is another sine wave: a sine wave-like shape describing a multi-dimensional torus.” • “If you were to know a child’s astrological chart, his past life history, his soul’s intention, and what matters most to him, and if you were to discover these things from your love of that child, you would be far more likely to understand the child, and not feel frustrated enough to punish him.”