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Inspiration , Resources , Writers & Artists
Empowered Whole Being Press
Empowered Whole Being Press is a boutique publisher specializing in supporting author ’ s self-publishing of quality written works that Inspire , Enlighten , and Transform its readers . We are excited to be involved in the transformation community , and are dedicated to supporting new authors who have an enlightening , compelling , inspiring message to share ; be it fiction , non-fiction , poetry , YA , or books for our children . Established to fill a publishing house need for spiritually transforming books that offers more than the standard self-publishing services , we also provide marketing support and guidance packages to insure our author ’ s success . Our Intention : We are dedicated to encouraging creativity , inner exploration , and the expansion of spiritual evolution through written works by providing support , guidance , publishing , and marketing services to spiritually-focused consciousness expanding authors . We are here to serve you ! Together WE create the Shift !
http :// www . EmpoweredWholeBeingPress . com
Awakening , Coaches & Counselors , Inspiration
Fran Fisher
Master Certified Coach Fran Fisher ’ s passion is empowering individuals , teams , and organizations to realize their highest visions . She believes that profound and long-lasting success , satisfaction , and fulfillment result from being true to the essence of who you are . Fran helps leaders access and leverage their innate nature so they break through to new levels of productivity , prosperity , and personal fulfillment . Fran founded the Academy for Coach Training , one of the first schools accredited by the International Coach Federation . She is recognized internationally as a pioneer of the coaching profession . Fran is the creator of Living Your Vision ®, a transformational process for learning to live in greater alignment with who you are at your essence , your true self . Fran works with entrepreneurs , executives , and collaborative work teams , as well as providing coaching skills training for leaders , managers , and professional coaches . To contact Fran , call 425-401-1374 or email fran @ franfishercoach . com or visit www . franfishercoach . com .
Healers & Therapists
Francesca Fleming
Intuitively gifted since birth , Francesca is a well-known medical medium / intuitive . She feels the energies , the aura and chakras and cords , ( the flows ) around a body , and receives information through channeling ( mediumship ) about what the ‘ feel and see ’ are and what to do about them . By the third grade , she had knowledge of herbs , anatomy , the ‘ flows ’ and would be ‘ told ’ what to do to correct them . Often she receives deep Divine love and a healing heat to send on to the person or animal needing it . Even today she is told what can not or should not be fixed . Over the years , she has given guidance for healing and balancing issues like : fatigue , sleep issues , peri-menopause and menopause , allergies , testing sensitivities , kinesiology testing , environmental sensitivities , blood pressure , specific guidance to nutrients and supplements , endrocrine imbalances ; fibromyalgia ; genetics stopping absorptions ; candida ; recovery from cancer treatments ; infertility guidance ; joint pains , and many , many others . Francesca does not claim to be a subsitute for a doctor . All service is considered an adjunct to your healing protocols . To contact Francesca , call 503-805-7403 or visit her website , http :// www . Be-Joy . com
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