New Consciousness Review Spring, 2017 - Page 63



Cooler Heads

Needed During Civil Crisis

Dr . John Demartini , the renowned author , human behaviorist and inspirational speaker , encourages people to avoid knee-jerk reactions and respond with both their heads and their hearts .

“ We are wise when we educate each other on our similarities as much as our differences .”

It seems that gone are the days of civil debate , of the ability for two or more people to present opposing views to each other and not have it devolve into a verbal melee . The battle lines that have been drawn as the presidential elections loom ever closer throw this new paradigm into sharp relief . As the news cycles fill with more and more reports on the widening schisms that dominate the headlines across the nation , one human behaviorist has taken it upon himself to urge cooler heads .

“ We have a reasoning part of our forebrain and we have an emotional part of our mid- and hindbrains ,” he said . “ If we exaggerate our emotional , we can get out of hand . If we stop , take a moment to see both sides of things and bring our minds 63 | New Consciousness Review