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how people are bringing a New Consciousness to so many different areas of life . We think of this awakening as a willingness to put assumptions aside and truly listen to other points of view with an open mind ; to reflect on our thoughts and actions and how they affect and even create our reality ; and to understand how connected we all are through the cosmic web of life . Here in this magazine and on our websites we have chosen to apply the acronym H A P I to the categories we cover , for Health , Awakening , Purpose and Inspiration . Usually our articles and interviews fit quite neatly , but sometimes we have to push or stretch a bit ; but it ’ s our acronym , we love it and we hope you enjoy it too . So starting with our section on Health , we have Carl Greer ’ s article that talks about immersing ourselves in nature as one means of accessing the trans-personal realms for help in straightening out our lives and health when they have gone askew . Delving down into the science behind many of the diseases that increasingly plague us , Tom O ’ Bryan explains the connection between sensitivities to gluten , dairy , and sugar and how they wreak havoc in our bodies ; the way they manifest as disease in us depends on our particular weak link , which could be genetically inherited and / or triggered by environmental causes .
Awakening to the reality of other dimensions seems to be popping up all over . Barbara Oakley is a professor of engineering and a New York Times best selling author who writes about the power of seeing the impossible . Neale Donald Walsh is coming out with a new book in the conversations with God series , and in his article he explains what humans just don ’ t understand about life – illuminating reading as always . To sum it all up , James Van Praagh explains it best when he describes the power of love .
The Purpose section focuses on why we are here . As the prophet Micah asks , “ what does the Lord require of you but to do justice , and to love kindness , and to walk humbly with your God ?” Alice Rothchild ’ s book and interview illustrate better than most how complex it can be to discern justice , and how important it is to display kindness . Humility in making judgments about the social and political challenges facing our country and the world seems to be conspicuously missing just now .
If you are one of those highly sensitive people who seems to be a sponge for all the tensions and emotions roiling around you , can take Inspiration from Judith Orloff ’ s article , The Empath ’ s Survival Guide . If you are a movie buff you won ’ t want to miss Brent Marchant ’ s insightful analysis of themes from the silver screen , and there ’ s even more inspiration and guidance to be had from Mark Dodich ’ s astrology forecast .
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