New Consciousness Review Spring, 2017 - Page 23


The Hidden Reason Why Exercising Can Be Harmful

To Your Health

We ’ ve become a society who sees things in parts . We focus on separate aspects and ignore the whole .
Modern medicine , for instance , often isolates health issues to a specific part of the body . It not only isolates parts of the body from the whole physical system , but also from the mental , emotional , and spiritual aspects of ourselves .
But you intuitively know that these other aspects are just as important as the physical . You know that when you ’ re mentally overwhelmed , this can often manifest as a headache , or shoulder and neck pain . You know that when you ’ re emotionally distressed , this can often manifest as illness . You know that when you ’ re spiritually disconnected , this can often manifest as a lack of physical energy .
And it ’ s this intuitive knowledge that reveals the hidden reason why exercise can strangely be harmful to your health .
You see , health is not just about your body . It ’ s about all of YOU . And you are not just your body . You are so much more than that .
You are the mind behind your thoughts . You are the energy behind your emotions . You are the spirit behind life itself .
You are a multi-dimensional being . And you are beautiful .
But sometimes you forget that . We all do . And then you try to fix yourself , or escape from yourself .
And what ’ s the most convenient way to do that ? Exercise .
Of course I ’ m not saying that exercise is harmful to your physical health . Obviously it ’ s not , and it should now be clear to you that this isn ’ t what I was getting at . But what is your definition of health ? Is it only physical ? Or does it include the multi-dimensional aspects of you ?
I ’ m also not saying that exercise is , in and of itself , harmful to these other aspects of you either . But it ’ s how you use it that can be harmful to you , on a holistic level .
To understand this , let ’ s look at two ways you can use something as seemingly beneficial as exercise to undermine your holistic health .
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