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friend is going through a hard time , take special precautions to ground and center yourself . These are important strategies you ’ ll learn in this book .
This doesn ’ t mean that we don ’ t keep informed . It means we get the basics and don ’ t allow sensitive selves to be demolished by the massive suffering . I also recommend news and technology fasts so that empaths can regenerate themselves in nature or during quiet time .
● what is the neuroscience behind being an empath ?
In the book , I discuss five intriguing research findings . Empaths may have hyperactive mirror neuron systems which heighten our compassion for loved ones and fellow humankind . Other findings include the possibility that empaths are reading the information in other people ’ s electromagnetic fields ( such as those around the heart and brain .) Also how we process dopamine , the pleasure hormone , is a factor . Empaths don ’ t require as much dopamine stimulation to be happy-- but extroverted people who aren ’ t empaths do . They can ’ t get enough of parties , and high stimulation events — whereas empaths love their alone time and quiet meditation — they need a lower amount of dopamine input to be content .
● An old cliché is that woman is more sensitive than men . Does gender play a role when it comes to being and empath ?
I have a Facebook empath support community with over 6000 people and most of them are women ! Women tend to be more open in expressing their emotions , and take on a lot of stress and get drained . Men are also empaths ( of course !) but sensitive boys have often been shamed by their sensitivities so they shut them off as adults . I embrace sensitive men , and urge them to come out of the empath closet and shine !
● Do empaths have to be especially careful about exposing themselves to negative news coverage and social media ?
Because empaths have such big hearts , they often hurt very deeply too . For all my empath patients , I suggest limiting their exposure to the news so they don ’ t start absorbing the suffering of the world .
● what is empathy so important in our world today ?
Empathy will help us know what it ’ s like to be in other people ’ s shoes . It will foster compassion in a divided world . It will help our families and world come together in harmony . We all desperately need to develop and practice more empathy to bring our troubled planet together . Empathy is the most important quality we need in our world today !
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