New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 87

  Conclusion: It is proper for us, as rational creatures, to “walk in circles” mentally – that is, to examine a belief from all sides – before we “settle” upon it and adopt it as a fixed belief. (WEO) why do humans stand upright? According to evolutionary theory some of the predecessors of our species living on the savannahs of Africa obtained, through random mutation, the ability to raise themselves up on their hind legs. This enabled them to look over the grass for enemies, which gave them a survival advantage. So more of their genes were passed on to future generations and the upright stance became the norm for humans. This left our hominid ancestors’ front paws with nothing much to do, so now they could carry sticks and throw stones, and so the use of tools evolved along with hands to manipulate them. (What good is a smart phone if you don’t have opposable thumbs?) But now evolution had a new problem to solve, for what good are hands capable of using tools without a brain to direct them? And so the brain got bigger, and that’s how we got to be