New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 80

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 wisdom, will and understanding. The knowledge will only become meaningful when you can apply it to life. You decide what that meaningful life is for you.” Then he wished them all “a life of charity and use, and the respect, love and joy that will bring.” And he left them with the perfect role model. (BMH) a touch of class Each year for Veterans Day (November 11) fifth-graders at the Bryn Athyn Church School write letters to armed forces veterans in the church, thanking them for their service to their country. This year our grandson, Cade, was fortunate to draw the name of Fred Fiedler. Cade was fortunate, not only because his veteran was the only one to reply with a beautiful, hand-written thank-you note, which was read aloud to the class, but because of the loving, thoughtful message he received. Here was Fred, fighting his brave battle with cancer, taking the time to write to a boy he did not know just because that’s the way he lived his life: always do the right thing. He wrote in part: “Thank you for taking the time to consider and remember all the veterans. One thing I am thankful for is having the opportunity to serve our great nation as an Air Force officer and assume some of the responsibilities that go with military service. Perhaps one day you might consider military service as well.” He added: “I, too, am thankful for our church and the schools it supports to give students like you and Chyler [his sister] the opportunity to learn in the light of the Lord’s Word.” He also quoted briefly from the 23 rd Psalm, saying, “It’s comforting for me to remember that when my day may not be going so well.” At this point many of his days were not going so well. But it didn’t stop him from r ЁѼչݥѠͥͅѡЁ)ݸL܁ݥхݥѠѡȁݡ͔ɕٕȁѽՍ($$$$$$$$ 5 )ѕ݅́ȁѥ)ѕȁѡɥ͕٥ȁɕȰѡͽ́͵ѕ́)ѡȁɍѽѡIظ՝ѡЁٕݡЁ)ɐLѡݡѽѡ͕٥L݅ѕѼɕɔ)Mݕɟé]ɥѥ̸ٔͽ՝ѥ́ɽ͕Ѽ)х䁥ѽՍ)Mѕݔȁɕ͕́ѡ́ɽ٥ͥѽ́܁Ѽȁѕ̰(