New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 8

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 that on June 19, 1770, the disciples were sent throughout the heavens to proclaim that “the Lord God Jesus Christ Reigns.” This was not entirely new, however, “for we know that when He glorified His Humanity in the first century He restored order in the heavens, subjugated all the hells and established the Christian Church on earth.” What is different now, he said – what is new about the New Christian Church – is that in the years leading up to 1770 the Lord gave new revelation to correct misunderstandings and provide the means “to convince even those of our skeptical culture that He does indeed reign supreme.” This gets back to our responsibility: “Thus the New Church represents a new understanding of the reality that has indeed existed since the Lord rose from the tomb in Gethsemane. It represents a new appreciation of our responsibilities to the Lord and to our neighbors, not just in faith . . . but in an active life of commitment to Him through the spiritual sense of His Word. “This, therefore, is what is expected of the New Church, that its members will be interested in this new understanding, committed to learnin r@&7F6rBFǒƖfRBFVF6FVBF6W'frW"Vv&'2'6&pBg&VVǒ( ФbW"f&2bv'6BfVw6&R'FB( 'WBFR&GFЦƖR2W"W'6Bw&W6֗FVBFFR&B2R2&W6VFVBFW2FRfRBv6FbFRVfVǒF7G&W2( ФbW2&RfVVƖs( vVFB6VG26R'WBvB6F2W7BRFfGVFR6W&6( 'WBB2BGFW"bFrw&VBG&6f&FfRFw22VVVW"V&ǒWBC( ĒrF66Ɨ6w&VBB&RF6'WBB2ג6VbGWGF66Ɨ66F622bFWvW&Rw&VBB&R( ХFbFRf֖Ɩ"fW'6R֖6c( ĆRF6vVBFVRvB2vCBvBFFFR&B&WV&RbFVR'WBFFW7FǒBFfRW&7BFvƲV&ǒvFFvB( B2FB6RBB2F@&fVB'&rFRƖfRbVfVFFRv&B6ǒ'ƗfrBBF@vRFffW&V6RFVvVVVW"v2&ƖB6R6r6V&ǒFR&RBFR֗76bFRWr6W&6( 2BbWr6W&6VBvVBF6fW&V6Rb7vVFV&&v2v6wFD2#6R6C( ėB6VV0FRFRWr6W&62w&VB֗76FRv&BFRVR&RVVBbW7BFRW76vRFB7vVFV&&rvfRf"涖B7FVBbW&VǐƗ7FVrFFBW76vRvR6VBvWBBFV6BvBF6VRFPWr6W&6WBG2&VWFgVv&VG2B6RG6Vbg&FRGW7B`fW72( ХFRv&B( 2BFR6W&6( 27FVVBFBW76vRW7B2v2G'VRFRFbVRssvVFBǒ6G&VvFW66VFrW7B2Bv2@