New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 78

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 committed his life to use and charity. An engaging smile and willing spirit were his signature and he was a pillar of integrity in everything he did. My first memories of Fred go back to the Academy Boys School, where he earned everyone’s respect. He liked to remind me that we played in the first basketball game in the new Asplundh Field House in the late ‘50s. Many years later I had the privilege of serving with him on the Academy Board of Trustees, where his impact was profound. It was so true to his nature when he led the effort to make the Academy campus accessible to all – a tribute to his disabled son and a fitting monument to his caring nature and natural leadership. He followed that with more cross-country travel and equally committed service on the General Church Board. Literally to his last days he was taking care of business as treasurer for the Phoenix, Arizona, society. And wherever his military career took him, he was absolutely devoted to his wife and family. He was a good man. He came to the Academy from a farm life in Colorado, steeped in its heartland values, and thoroughly embraced New Church education. He even took a year at the then Academy College before entering a four-year program at the new Air Force Academy, where he was a member of its first graduating class. Throughout a distinguished career – from test pilot to senior leader with the Strategic Air Command – he and his wife Barbara (Allen) made homes for their fami H[ݙ\Hܛ [H\\[^\]H[\[\[ݚ[Y[[ܚX[Y\ YH LJHH][[Y[X]HX[ۙH\Y]YX]\Hو\[\XY[]XۈZ\ۜ]H[Z[\YK]]\\ۙH\[X[\و]Y[YYYY\]\]\[]H\]XYHZ[]\HX]\Hܙ\[\XH\HXۙ\[\YK8'ܙ\[YH[Y]H[X\[X[[[]]X[\ܝ\\ 8'H[ܚ]\ˈ8'ܙ\\܈HZBو\\][[ۙK'HHZ[]\H\[X]ܙ\[][[™ۙK'YݙY\[\[KH[ۙ]]][ܙ\\B[\[HHY\[ ] HݚYHHYX[[[\ۛY[܂[X[\][ۈ[\ܛˈ]][X]\HܛHوݙK[ܙX]Yܙ\܈HZHو\[[X[ݙKX]\HݙB\]\]\]K'B\[H]\HY\[[\[\\[[ˈ[H]\]BY[Z[[Y]\H[[[Y]\\H\HYH\8$\وHXX[YYوX[Z[]\H]\ٝ[[][ۈZ\ۈ[\[ܛ\وHܛ [8'][܈H]\H^H[Y]H['B]Y8&\\[H][\Z[XܛHZ\\X]\΂'[HHܚY]K\XX[H܈\\H[Z\[[[H[\M