New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 71

  something spiritual in us to be called forth.” He quoted one of Nishan’s favorite sayings: “Paintings don’t re-direct the wind; they realign the heart.” Brian thanked especially Nishan’s wife, Siri Yardumian Hurst: “This exhibition is her vision and inspiration. She has been an essential member of the exhibition team – proposing the theme, helping to select and gather the included works, and offering input on design.” He concluded with the words of Nishan’s teacher, Dr. Furman Finck: “On second or third look, Nishan’s work contains amid the colors and technical strokes, the quiet of the walk or communing with nature, being one with yourself.” Brian introduced two speakers – longtime friends of Nishan’s – who reflected briefly on his lasting influence in their lives and in the art community he illuminated: Dr. Martha Gyllenhaal, associate professor emeritus of art and art history at Bryn Athyn College and head of the Fine Arts Department at Bryn Athyn College; and former student, the Rev. Thomas Rose. Among several quotes from the artist available with the biblical context for his paintings: Ideally, paintings add to a room something spiritual, that is, something genuinely human. One may hang a painting on a wall and have thereafter on his wall a window to the soul. • Painting aims at the universal with the hope that each individual can find his identification with it. Teaching aims at the individual with the hope of developing the universal. • To me, the very strength of painting is that it is static – monumental. It doesn’t change, we do. • While analyzing the appeal a picture has for us, we must ask: to what in us is the picture making its appeal? The answer to this will determine the type of friendship we are, therefore, to have with it. • The Appearance of the Angel to the Shepherds would represent an idea born; the angel is an idea of “appearing,” the shepherds are the trauma of change an idea might occasion in one’s life. The sheep are a reflection on the phenomenon. • The discipline the artist must develop with constancy is that of discerning the angelic from the worldly in his environment. general church education General Church Education has completely remodeled the New Church Vineyard website. By popular request, the site now provides one central location for New Church educational resources, offering more than 4,500 activities, projects, readings and videos for all ages. We are continually adding 247