New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 67

  Cairncrest: The request for alternate use suggestions for Cairncrest brought in more than 20 ideas, which are being evaluated in committee. bishop selection The six nominees for the next Executive Bishop of the General Church are: • The Rev. Erik J. Buss, Assistant Pastor of the Bryn Athyn Church • The Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss Jr., Assistant to the Bishop • The Rev. Glenn “Mac” Frazier, Associate Pastor of the Glenview New Church • The Rev. Bradley D. Heinrichs, Head Pastor of the Carmel New Church and School, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and Executive Vice President of the General Church in Canada • The Rev. David H. Lindrooth, Director of General Church Outreach • The Rev. Derrick A. M. Lumsden, Pastor of Sower’s Chapel in Sarver, Pennsylvania In a letter to the General Church Corporation the Rt. Rev. Brian W. Keith noted that the career histories of the nominees and the blended statements of those who nominated them are available on the General Church website, Bishop Keith also reported: “At the June Council of the Clergy meetings one of these ministers will be nominated for the Episcopal Office. He will then meet with the General Church Board who will give a response to the clergy. Presuming it is affirmative, the nominee’s name will be placed before the entire church membership for a vote of affirmation. “Along with the affirmation ballot, we will send additional information on the nominee. Again, presuming a positive response from the Church, he will take office on July 1, 2019, when I will be retiring. While the nominee will be retaining his current posi FFRWBf66V"vRvv&vFF&W&RF77VRFRff6R( ЦWr֖7FW"f"66W7FW FR'B&Wb'&rVF( V6VBFV6RFBvFFRff&FbFR66W7FW"7F&Gf6'6֗GFVRFR&WbR7W7GfVGB2w&VVBF6W'fR2FW&Ч7F"FW&Rf"FRWBGvV'2*6w&GVF2F&FRB66W7FW"vVW&6W&66'&FFRVVWFrbFRvVW&6W&66'&F266VGVVBf 6GW&FVR3B3FR6FVגbFRWr6W&66V6F'662Fr#C0