New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 66

Church News Compiled by Bruce Henderson general church board (march 16-17 meetings) To facilitate the Board’s role in seconding the nomination for the Executive Bishop, basic informational materials on the six candidates have been shared with them. As part of the Bishop selection process Board members will share their questions of the candidates with the entire clergy as a form of counsel. International Church: The Board developed a four-year timeline to measure support for a global church. This will include selection of two to five pilot congregations for investment to generate increased growth and professional development for all those involved. Vice President: The Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss Jr. reported two experiments in General Church schools. The Pittsburgh New Church School will add special education in dyslexia to its offerings. And the Washington New Church School is researching distance learning for its secondary school level. Visiting minister offerings will expand to 22 locations in the United States in the next fiscal year. Contributions: The Office of Advancement reported that in the past year the number of donors is up 5%; total contributions are up 150%, thanks to unusually strong donations in December; and total gifts are up 1%. Many planned (estate) gifts are donated to local churches and schools, and so do not show up at the General Church level. Finance: Executive Director David Frazier reported operating results for the six-month period ending December 31, 2017, vs. the prior year: • Revenue of $2.6 million, up 3% ($55,000 favorable to the budget) • Expenses of $2.3 million, down 2% ($257,000 favorable to the budget) • Net surplus of $279,000, which is expected to even out by the end of the year Fiscal year 2019 operating, capital and non-operating budgets were approved, with the overall operating budget projecting a surplus of about $5,000. Revenue is $5.1 million, up approximately $100,000 from the previous fiscal year. Expenses are about $5.1 million, up roughly $100,000 due to inflation and higher costs for personnel. 242