New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 61

     like you have, all closed up against the spirit? Poet: I don’t know what they think. I cannot judge them. I know I love to dance with Jupiter. Jupiter: Come dance, then, through our airy, liquid swirlings, and rest and talk on leaves of seaweed fig trees, imagining the myriad ways life could be, and raise your face always to see the stars. Saturn: Look to the stars for light, but do not worship the stars, or that great arc that lights our nights. Our job ’s to draw your thoughts away from senses, upward and in, toward the love of reason. Poet: What’s reason? Here on Earth if we are clever, and use enough big words, we’re “reasoning;” if we let them make facts learned through our senses take precedence over the truths of faith, we’re being “reasonable;” if we confess we talk with spirits, we have “lost our reason.” But you of Saturn, who embody reason, you hardly speak: your face just shows your will. And if someone from this Earth tries to lead you away from worshipping the Only God, you hold a dagger to your breast, and cry out, you’d rather die than turn away from Him. Saturn: What’s reason? Knowing what is real, and turning toward the truth with every breath that’s in you. Not to acknowledge truth is what’s insane. Poet: And what is real? Saturn: What’s real is, that life is love, and love’s the Only God, every moment, everywhere inflowing. We’re just dead empty vessels who receive Him, and turn to thank Him for His life in us. Poet: Thank you for your simple, clear perception. I’ll try to put your wisdom in my words. And thank you all! I need help from each one to write or speak truly about the Lord. Each has a part in this work we’ve been given: remember, write, care, think, imagine, know. Each planet’s use will help to spread the Gospel throughout creation. Still, I don’t know how. 237