New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 60

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 Take heavenly fire of love in hand and write this; don’t let the bird of thought grow stony cold. Without love you may still think you are writing out of the Word, but that will not be true; your words, just like the surface of our planet, will then appear as lifeless as the stones. Poet: I have no power to do such honest writing. I’m just an Earthling, born to evil loves. Mars: Then let them sleep, and let angels speak through you, and of what comes, speak only what is true. Poet: Oh, Lord of heaven, how can I be worthy even to look at You or at Your Word? Mars: We’ll pour out fires to give you light to work by, when your prayer’s done and our Lord lifts you up. Jupiter: Come dance with us! Poet: I’m older now, my joints stiff. Jupiter: Oh, child, that doesn’t matter in the least! The sphere of your imagination dances, more even than when you were still a child. On your Earth, where corporeal spheres repel us, we found an open door into your mind. Poet: You care for children, and you love to teach them. Earth’s grown-ups used to comment, wide-eyed, frowning, “What an imagination that child has!” I didn’t know imagining was you, then – they’d taught me you were too heavy to stand, walking on knuckles like some wild gorillas, on a great rock with gravity too strong. I was so glad to learn your world is liquid and swirling air, and then to read the words, “progress with hands, almost like swimmers, turning,” to know that you are free and joyful dancers. I’m glad they sent a ship to Jupiter. Jupiter: The angels told us to respect your science. We see it’s opened up your intellect. Poet: The more astronomers find, the more it confirms the way the Word says each world’s people live. And yet they try to make it mean there’s no life on any world around our sun but earth. Jupiter: Do they think having life means having bodies 236