New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 59

     eats us up, and we have to start all over. The hot earth rolls beneath our giant footsteps; we roar with joy and anger when we meet. You hoard that letter, and your gut reactions. We’ll help you plunder all their arguments. Venus toward Mercury: No, giants, don’t urge this poet to plunder. Remember, God is One, and walks here, too. Remember, our walk is our path to heaven. And adversaries are children of God. Mercury: (to Poet) Keep yourself over on our side of Venus. We do not want to hear you talk to giants. Poet: I have to talk to all of you, I’m sorry, even if some disturb your abstract thought. Venus-toward-Earth: We’ll hoard your anger! Mercury: Then we shall withdraw. Moon: (Thundering) Order! No harm! No fighting over poets! Hold together. Help her do her work. (Normal voice) Dear friend, our faithfulness closely surrounds you. You go and do the things you need to do: pray, research, meditate, write, and imagine – we’ll thunder at those who get in your way. We’ll hold the tides of memory and emotion in order. When you’re ready, we will be here to bind together structure for your thought. Poet: My dear and kind and silver-shining neighbors, I look up to you every night for faith. You carry one another on your shoulders, and carry me toward charity in act. I’ll write for you, and for our neighbor planets. I’ll trust your orbit to keep me in order, reminding me to sit, and pray, and write. Mars: From deep inside your brain we come breathe on you. Poet: Your speech, so soft, I do not understand. Mars: That is because you’re used to separating words from their meanings when you speak and write. We join your cerebellum and cerebrum. We come to warn you not to disconnect thought from affection. Those who do are cast out to lifeless life, among the outer rocks. 235