New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 58

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 Mercury: We like that. We agree. We have observed many different humans in our travels. Poet: Oh, tell me all about your observations! Mercury: We’ll twist your ears if you ask us to tell you. It is your job to tell us what you know. Our job is to remember, not to tell. What else do you think? Poet: Rig x&[H[[™XX[]\H؋Y\\N]]H] ][\H\[x&\ܚ\܈Hܙ [XY[]Y]H[]\KY\\N[x&\HX[][ˈ[H]\X\]8&\X[YܙHH[XZHYY[X]] ] ܞ\[ [Z[Y]\\وY[H[[YH[][[Hۛ][H[\YHYHHܙ[H[XY[ܙHۛYHH^HZ[ x&[YH[H[Y]H\]\[\\X\[\[Y\H\Y\\H[Xܙ][\[܈[H\X\Y\HX[ˈ[XYYY ^HXZ]\B[\Έ]8&\\[YH]\[HܞHB]HXYX][\ܛ[Y[ܙ˂HݙH[H[ HݙH\\][[YXH]]\H\[]8&\[[]\ZH\ZHX\[^HX\]X\[YH\H[H[ YZ[][H\H\K܈][]YH\˂[\\X\HYH[x&\H[ܞK]\ ]8&\[\B[\[K\HZ\ۈX\ۜYZ[[KX][H\HZ\\Z\[X[ۛYK]][HY[KY[H^\][B[]H[Hܛو\]ZY[\ۙKHܛ]]]H[\\\˜ܘ]\[Y[[ܚY\وHZ[[ۈYX\˂[\\X\HH]H[[[[\ۙB^\HYX\[و\XYYKH\[[[ۜ]K[\[][ۜ[[[\XHZ\[H]K