New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 57

The Planets Play Their Parts Laurel O. Powell (Note: This was written is response to an article, “The Earths in the Universe: Teachings, Reflections and Speculations,” by the Rev. Willard Heinrichs in the September/October 2017 issue of New Church Life, plus two responses in the November/December issue.) Outside the poet’s window, in the sky, The swirl of stars and planets dances by. Open window brings in the Spirit’s wind, and all these planets’ peoples, kind by kind. Upon my desk the stranger’s letter lies: “There cannot be life in this system’s skies. Please make this awkward doctrine go away.” I rant reply, I fill page after page with zeal, belief and sorrow, research, rage, and theories. But I forget to pray . . . Lord, why did You come walking on this Earth? So that you writers could announce My birth! Why is our Earth in this sun’s system here? Start writing, child, and why may all come clear. Mercury: We travel from the planet near the sun. We heard you thinking about other earths. What interactions are you pondering? Abstract your thoughts for us from space and time. Poet: I’m studying the planets ‘round our sun. Mercury: We do not want to know about the planets. We want to hear your interior thoughts. Poet: I’m thinking God is infinite; and that Infinite life flows forth into expression in infinitely varying human forms. 233