New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 5

In This Issue Editorials (page 183) include: • “As in heaven . . . ” This is part of our daily prayer to bring the peace and love of heaven into our world, but also conveys our own commitment to help make it happen. • Liberty – Written for Independence Day in the United States, but with a common theme about our natural and spiritual freedom and our role in preserving both. In a 19 th of June sermon, The Descent of the Holy City, the Rev. Eric H. Carswell talks about all of the stories in the Book of Revelation leading up to John’s vision of the holy city New Jerusalem descending out of heaven. But, he asks, “What do these stories teach us about the Lord?” And, “What do they teach us about the role of a congregation in building up the New Church?” (Page 192) In the conclusion of his three-part series on the Trinity – The Holy Spirit – the Rev. Michael D. Gladish asks “what are we who see the Spirit of truth in this new revelation to do with it? How are we to use it so that we can get the full benefit out of it?” The answer is that “all of the functions of the Holy Spirit have to do with clarifying and improving the quality of our inner lives and perspectives, giving us spiritual health and well-being, peace, comfort and stability . . . a real taste of salvation, however fleeting it may be in this life.” (Page 198) In a sermon, Four Sacrifices, Four Prayers, the Rev. Scott I. Frazier says that by looking at four basic kinds of sacrifice in the religious life of the Israelites we may be able to find “insights and directions to aid us in our religious lives as we pray daily to the Lord.” These sacrifices, he says, were the central connection between Israelites and the Lord, and “prayer should be a central connection for us as well.” (Page 205) Major General Frederick A. Fiedler was a consummate New Churchman, devoted to serving the Church, his country and his family. In a memorial address, the Rev. Daniel W. Goodenough notes his many contributions over a very productive life, and concludes: “Perhaps most valuable for New Church groups has been his conviction what when we co-operate, even in hard times, we find good answers and can do more than we imagined.” (Page 211) See also 181