New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 47

     but it is anticipated to be a shared venture between Asia Region Theological School and the General Church Theological School operating out of Bryn Athyn (more about this later.) The curriculum used in Asia is very similar to that used in other places in the Church where education takes place: 13 courses covering the essential major doctrines of the Church. Many of the books of the Heavenly Doctrine have been translated into Korean, making it possible for students to access them directly. Ghana Ghana burst into the American New Church consciousness in the late 1970s when people became aware of Pastor Garna distributing books of the Heavenly Doctrines and preaching to crowds of eager listeners. His vision for the New Church included developing a Theological School serving West Africa, where men could be trained for the ministry and lead to the growth and development of the Church in that part of the world. Before such a school could be started, it was necessary to have Ghanaian ministers to run it. As an English-speaking country, it was less challenging for Ghanaians to attend Theological School in Bryn Athyn. The first was the Rev. Ankra-Badu graduating 1985. He was followed by several other students, who provided a strong core of Bryn Athyn educated clergy in Ghana. However, as in other countries, not all Ghanaians were able to attend Theological School in Bryn Athyn, so under Ankra-Badu’s leadership a Ghanaian Theological School began operation