New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 35

MEMORIAL ADDRESS Major General Frederick A. Fiedler (USAF-Ret.) The Rev. Daniel W. Goodenough (New Church of Phoenix, Arizona – March 20, 2018) Readings: Psalm 23; John 11:25,26; 12:23,24; 14:1-3 Divine Providence 27.2; Heaven and Hell 445 Arcana Coelestia 10595-6; Divine Providence 324.4 Married Love 321 M any of us who were little during World War II picked up an assumption as we grew up – that a cause bigger than we were was a whole lot more important than we ourselves. We got this less from speeches than from the realities we lived in, from Victory gardens and blackout window shades, to songs and heroes in uniform who put the cause above their personal glory. Taking in this lesson by osmosis didn’t mean we learned it, or liked it, but there was no mistaking the reality that when the cause comes first, despite human foibles, it leads to cooperation and amazing levels of human 211