New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 27

   Well, here’s the thing. Just having the books doesn’t do us any good. Neither does just reading or discussing them. The Spirit of truth is not a set of books, but a spirit of true understanding, something we can only get from the Lord Himself in a state of enlightenment, which in turn is only possible when we put what He teaches us to work internally. It’s not enough to use it as a guide for outward activity, to inform our civic and social lives, or even to evaluate what we see around us, though all those are useful things to do. Our third lesson today outlined two general functions of the Holy Spirit in our lives, reformation and regeneration, followed by seven specific functions, including renewal, vivification, sanctification, justification, purification from evils, forgiveness of sins and at last salvation. Many of these are big, fancy words, but what they mean is pretty straightforward. Vivification, for example, simply means giving life: the Lord through the Spirit of His truth gives us a spiritual quality of life that we couldn’t have without it. Sanctification means to make holy, not that anyone is ever really holy, but holiness can be attributed to us as if it were our own to the extent that we receive Divine truth in faith and life. And justification is not at all what it sounds like (least of all by a vicarious atonement); what it really means is the process of making just, which in everyday terms could be said to mean fair and good. And the thin r2vR6( @&RvVVVǒf""vBVW72vRVFW'7FBFRG'WF6FR&BF&Vv2ǒ7&B7&W2G'VRW7F6RW2'f&֖rW2BF&V7FrW FVvG22vR&VfV7B2v&Bख6'BFRgV7F2bFRǒ7&BfRFFvF6&gr@&frFRVƗGbW"W"ƗfW2BW'7V7FfW2vfrW27&GVVFBvV&VrV6R6f'BB7F&ƗGFW"v&G2&VF7FPb6fFvWfW"fVWFrB&RF2ƖfRBvR6VBrF@6'BFPgV7F2bFRǐ7&BfRFFvF6&gr@&frFRVƗGbW"W"ƗfW2@W'7V7FfW2vfpW27&GVVFBvV&VrV6R6f'BB7F&ƗGFW"v&G2&VF7FRb6fFvWfW"fVWFr@&RF2ƖfR#