New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 23

   of Israel.” (Luke 2:25) Finally, John in his first Epistle, also used the word, which is then translated “advocate” in the saying, “If anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, (namely,) Jesus Christ the righteous.” (Ibid. 2:1) Since all these names suggest a Personal presence, and since the Lord sometimes speaks as if the Comforter were a Person separate from Himself, it is understandable that many have come to this conclusion about the Holy Spirit. But wait. Speaking of Jesus in His earthly life, John said: “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” (Luke 3:16) What does that mean? Again, speaking of the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father would send, Jesus said it was He Himself who would come to them. (John 14:28) Not only that, but translation issues further complicate the matter, as the personal pronoun, he, is often assigned to the Holy Spirit when in fact the impersonal, it, 2W7B2fƖBbB&R6v^( 6VRvF22'FB6'Fǒf'7BWN( 2&Rv&RFBFRFW&7&BƖRFRFW&fFW"B60Bv2W6VBF&VfW"FW'6( FRv62fFW"FFRFVvB( vP6BvRgFV7Vbfr( '&6B( FRB2FBFW6RFW&0&W&W6VBFR&6W2b6W6RBVffV7BFR6RfVFRv&B7&B6&VfW"FGFGVFRF76F"VFW'7FFr2FRW&W76( BW7BFRWGFW"'WBFR7&BbFRr( Фf7BFRv&BFR&vwVvW2FRf7B&Gb66W2FRWrFW7FVB7GVǒV2'&VF"vB2( FRvB&w2vW&PBv6W2BRV"FR6VBbB'WB6BFVvW&RB6W2g&@vW&RBvW262WfW'Rv2&&bFR7&B( 3vB@7&BF2fW'6R&RFR6Rw&VVv&B&VV&W"FR&b7G26FW""vW&RFRVRW'W6VЮ( vW&RfVBvFFRǒ7&N( FRFbVFV67CvBF2V2b6W'6R2FBFWvW&R7&VBBW2FWvW&R7&VB'FR&B'WBFR7&Fv2gV7FbFV"FVvBBW&6WF6FBWfVFVvFW6Rg&FffW&VB6VG&W2FWVFW'7FBRFW 2bFWvW&R7VrFR6RwVvRFR&Bv2FW&Vf&Rv&pFVF&VvFR7&BbG'WFBWG6FRbFV2b'V2`FW"6W&FRW'6GW&r&6F( 2v7VFVW7V6ǒ6FW"bvW&RFP6vB&RvRF&VƖWfP&WBF2fW'vW&gV&W6V6RFBFR&@&֗6VBBFRVB`2GW&ƖfRF0v&CBr6vPV&F&V6FRG0fVV6RW"ƗfW3