New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 21

      We as a church congregation can encourage individual reading and prayer. We can foster an organization that is strongly dedicated to presenting the living reality of truth in sermons and classes. We can help each other to see ourselves more clearly, to see the consequences of our choices, individually and as a group in the light of heaven. We, as individuals, have contact with thousands of people each week. Many, many of these people have little source of genuine truth in their lives. Can we help them? Can we with appropriate strength or gentleness, depending on the situation, try to present some of the ideas of the New Church for others in language they can understand and be easily recognized by a wise common sense? We as a congregation have spent more than 100 years here, working to bring the New Church into the reality of daily life. Many, many people have done their part so that this church may exist and that through its existence the Lord’s Church can be built in the lives of so many. Through this effort we have cooperated with the Lord in helping Him to bring the holy city, New Jerusalem, down from heaven to dwell among us. And by this effort we have done our part to make a dwelling place for the Lord. Amen. The Rev. Eric H. Carswell is pastor of the Bryn Athyn Church. He has previously been pastor of the Glenview, Illinois, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, societies and head of their schools; Dean of the Bryn Athyn College Theological school; regional pastor for the Northeastern United States; Vice Chancellor of the Academy of the New Church; and Bishop’s Representative for Education for the Academy and General Church Schools. He and his wife, Donna (Zeitz), live in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Contact: 197