New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 20

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 of the birth of the New Church and its descent to this earth. Having read its pages and considered its meaning, what are we to do as individuals and as a congregation? This book is a powerful image of the Lord’s love and His desire to bring freedom and with it usefulness and happiness to all who can receive it. Freedom does not occur with ignorance of the fundamental truths about the nature and development of human mental life, the purpose of this world and its relation to the life after death, and many other significant ideas such as the importance and sanctity of marriage. We as a church congregation can help the Lord bring the light of heaven to people’s spiritual sight. We can as a group of people try to foster a living understanding of what it means to live a good life. As a human organization, we can provide the means whereby a life according the truths of the Word can be lived. We can provide the means that help support the worship of the Lord – both worship in a formal sense and also the worship that takes place constantly within a life of use. Words on a page or spoken with the mouth in church or at a class can be an important part of helping people recognize the Lord’s order and purpose. But one of the powerful ways that a church congregation can serve as a whole to teach people is by the lives its members lead. Through what we say and do we can, as individuals, help the Lord present a living picture of what i Μ)ΡΙΥ”™½Θ½Ρ‘•ΊѼΝ•”Έ)%˜έ”‘Ό½Υȁݽɬέ₯Ρ „‘•Ν₯Ι”)ΡΌΝ•ΙΩ”…ΉΝΥΑΑ½ΙЁݑ…Ё₯́½½₯Έ)½Ρ‘•ΙΜ°έ”…Έ‘•±ΐΡ‘”1½Ι‰Ι₯ΉœΡ‘”)±₯‘Ё½˜‘•…Ω•ΈΡΌΡ‘•΄ΈQ‘•δΡ‘•Έ₯Έ)™Ι••‘½΄…ΈΙ•ΝΑ½Ή™Ι½΄έ₯Ρ‘₯Έ)•₯Ρ‘•Θ‰δ…•ΑΡ₯Ήœ…Ή‘Ι…έ₯Ήœ±½Ν•Θ)ΡΌΡ‘”ΡΙΥΡ ½ΘΙ•©•Ρ₯Ήœ₯Ё…ΉΡΥΙΉ₯Ήœ)…݅丁ፕΑЁ₯Έ΅…Ήδ…͕́₯Ёݽ»ŠeЁ‰”)ΎݑΌ₯́©Υ‘₯Ήœ…ΉΝ•Α…Ι…Ρ₯ΉœΡ‘•΄)™Ι½΄ΥΜΈ)%˜έ”‘Ό½Υȁݽɬέ₯Ρ )„‘•Ν₯Ι”ΡΌΝ•ΙΩ”…Ή)ΝΥΑΑ½ΙЁݑ…Ё₯́½½)₯Έ½Ρ‘•ΙΜ°έ”…Έ‘•±ΐ)Ρ‘”1½Ι‰Ι₯ΉœΡ‘”±₯‘Π)½˜‘•…Ω•ΈΡΌΡ‘•΄Έ)Q‘ɽ՝ Ρ‘₯́•™™½ΙЁݔ)‘…Ω”½½Α•Ι…Ρ•έ₯Ρ )Ρ‘”1½Ι₯Έ‘•±Α₯Ήœ!₯΄)ΡΌ‰Ι₯ΉœΡ‘”‘½±δ₯Ρδ°)9•ά)•ΙΥΝ…±•΄°‘½έΈ)™Ι½΄‘•…Ω•ΈΡΌ‘έ•±°)…΅½ΉœΥΜΈΉ‰δΡ‘₯Μ)•™™½ΙЁݔ‘…Ω”‘½Ή”½ΥΘ)Α…ΙЁѼ΅…­”„‘έ•±±₯Ήœ)Α±…”™½ΘΡ‘”1½ΙΈ(ΔδΨ