New Church Life NCL May/June 2018 - Page 18

n e w c h u r c h l i f e : m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 8 merely because it has the Word. We know that the church exists where it is received in the hearts, minds and lives of individual people. Who are the people who best come to mind as characterizing what we would most like to emulate? An important part of the Lord’s life in the world was to reveal to us a way of life that we could not otherwise have known. He said, “For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15) When we want to define the New Church, one likely source would be to draw from the words of Revelation. Many of the powerful images it presents have been enacted in dozens of pageants over the years at this church. What do those images teach us about the essential quality of the church? We are taught in the Writings that “every single truth of wisdom is as it were a mirror in which the Lord is seen.” (True Christian Religion 767) How can we see the Lord’s life in the Book of Revelation? One way of reading this book could result in us emphasizing judgment and the conflict of good and evil. The stories of the opening of the seven seals, the sounding of H][[\]H\[]وHوH][YY\[Y[HXZوH\[\X[ۈو][ \H\[B\]Y[HYۈ[ZXY[ HYY[ۈH]HX[ۈ[H\]Y[Hܙ[HX\ [و\HXY\&\\[ۈقHH]H]\\[[H\[[]وX][]\HܚY\XX\X]Hܙ^HZ\܈[B[^H[\YH]H\ۈX\\HZO]^BXX\X]HHوHۙܙY][ۈ[Z[[\H]\•H[HYZ[HܙZ\ܙYYH\ۈH][]X[Y[\HܚY\\H\[X[Y\YKۙHوH\X\\Xو][[\Hۙ\\HYH[ۙ[[\ˈHۛYHو]܈Y\[H[[XX[Z]\Y\]]H[\]\][B\YܛۙK]\\YܛۙH[]\YH\X][Hܚ]X[[ۙ[[[ˈ YH\[H[\XH L JB]\HHX\HH[XY\و][[\X[ۈ][Hو][][ۏ\\H[Xۚ^HZ\YH[\ܝYHH›][HYHܙ8&\^Y\˂ۙHوHܙX][ݘ]]H]وH]\\]Hܙ\[\[YH[HZ]\X][܈[ YY[\H]\[\]\8$ݚY[HYوX][^\ˈ]]HYقX][ۙH[YHX\HۛH][ ۙH[[YYBHH\[^HHXY]KۜY\H[[]Hو[^XHH[YH[ݙ\[ݙ\YZ[]XX[YH[܈HY\[\[ YۙH\ܛ[\[[B\ۙ\X\]]]HX[ۈZYH[\[XK]\]XZB[H[HYوX][YKHYوX][\Z\[H\Y[ٝ[NM