New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 95

  tour of Africa, showing pictures and sharing stories of traveling around the continent. It was hard not to feel that we really have a lot of blessings in our life in Australia, yet the smiles and joy on the faces in these poverty-stricken places were quite real and authentic. It is a true testimony to the spirit of these people that they can achieve so much with so little. Our trivia night was very Bible oriented, so the organizers made sure to prevent an all-powerful team of ministers and disbursed them each to different tables. The teams were competitive until Julian’s team came from behind to steal the win. David Millar wowed us the next morning with a demonstration of a rod turning to a serpent and making water turn to blood. Much in the same way that Moses took these real demonstrations to Pharaoh, we were reminded that we have to confront the Pharaoh in our own life, who wants to enslave us, and will not let us go until we put in the effort to see what spiritual work needs to be done. On the final day I ran the family session, “That’s Not Fair!” It’s a phrase we’ve all said at one time or another. The point was that the Lord doesn’t give to us equally, and that we have to raise our thinking up higher than a basic, animalistic type of fairness. To do that, some part of us must die. We’ll do it all again next year in Queensland. Please consider joining us for fun, learning and friendship. (See photos of the camp on page 170) faithful fridays in the land of oz The Rev. David Lindrooth Director, General Church Outreach The team at General Church Outreach has never been busier as it charts its way in communicating the truths of the New Church to a wider audience than ever before. As always, our goal has been to communicate the value of these truths, emphasizing the help they offer to a person’s daily life – the starting point for faith. Outreach also strives to provide content that can feed the growing interest sparked by our initial contact, so that a person can be led gradually to fully embrace the faith of the New Church, ultimately leading to membership and participation in one of our congregations. Front and center in our efforts is what we call Journey Video. Online video is the fastest growing segment of internet use today, with many people preferring to view short films on their smart phones or tablets instead of traditional written content. Because of this trend YouTube has grown to more than 1 billion users in the last year. Journey Video has been producing content to showcase the New Church 161