New Church Life March/April 2017 - Page 93

  enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging speaker who can really relate to young students.” The course went so well that she plans to offer it again with even more Swedenborgian content. “I knew these videos would be very helpful,” she said, “but I had no idea that they would be life-transforming. One of my students was a peer advisor to my students in the Spirituality class and he said the material was ‘extraordinary’ in its impact on them.” new college president Dr. Charles (Chuck) Lindsay, former Dean of Bryn Athyn College, has been unanimously elected as the new president of Elmira College in Elmira, New York, beginning July 1. Chuck, who was an economics professor as well as Dean of Bryn Athyn College, continues to serve on the Academy Board of Trustees – which includes the College, Theological School and Secondary Schools – where he chairs the Finance Committee. He attended Bryn Athyn College before graduating from Lafayette College and Lehigh University. He earned his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, where he also did post-graduate work in Finance and Accounting at the Wharton School. Elmira notes that “his background in assessment and accreditation, including as a Middle States evaluator, along with his strategic planning experience will serve the institution well in the coming years.” Chuck is the 15 th President in Elmira’s 162-year history and after just five years there as a faculty member and most recently as Provost, he was unanimously recommended to the Board of Trustees by the faculty leadership. The Chairman of Elmira’s Board said that Chuck and the outgoing interim President have overseen more improvements in the past year than the five or six years previously and they were gratified this could continue with Chuck’s leadership. A spokesman for the Faculty Executive Committee said that since joining Elmira in 2012, “Dr. Lindsay has been an enthusiastic and collaborative leader, earning the respect and trust of the faculty.” Chuck said: “I’m honored to have been selected and excited about the College’s future. Our recent elevation to top tier status, along with the College’s long-standing position as a Phi Beta Kappa institution, well positions Elmira to high plateaus and I will very Ս䁡ѼѡЁ)ѡ啅̻t)!́ݥ)չѡȤݥ٥ѼѡAɕͥӊe)ɕ̸ͥ(